Monday, 14 October 2013

Journey Through Life

At some point in our lives most people have wondered the purpose of it all.  The age old question of why are we here and what is life all about.  This is all there is?  Most people go through various stages in life wondering what and why they are doing what they are doing.  Through time people have used various techniques of philosophy, created belief systems such as religion, cultural norms to give structure and make sense of it all.  Some of us buy these theories and some of us don't.  But underneath - everyone has a sense of something more.

Whether you think about it consciously or not - something underlines our actions, values and beliefs which forms our behaviours and attitudes in life.  The interesting thing is even when two people have been in exactly the same experience they still can form very different perceptions of the experience which then informs their decision of what to do next.  How does this happen?  Why do people in same environments form different attitudes to life?

This is the mystery of the self.  Who you are.  What makes you an individual?  Why you think and act the way you do?  What are your core influences?  How did you form your opinions?  At what age?  Which life time? 

Once we start to look deeper into this and beyond our physical reality you will discover that you are mass of energy vibrating at a particular frequency.  Even science agrees with this concept.  This is when you begin to understand who you are.  The more you investigate into yourself the more you discover your personal truth.  You begin to unravel your mystery which is known only to you.  You learn that your bet guide in life is your intuitive self, also referred to in many other ways such as higher self, god self, your guiding angel etc.

The more you learn about yourself the more you learn to appreciate who you truly are. You learn to appreciate all your experiences in whatever form they were presented.  This is what makes your life very interesting.  Knowing how these experiences created who you are today, helps you to be more connected to yourself and thankful of your life.

Remember your journey is unique to you.  Your perception is unique to you.  Therefore, understand yourself and understand your journey.  This is success for the soul.  Success at soul level changes your whole perception of the journey and your purpose in life.

The thing is are you courageous enough to follow your hearts true desires to discover and follow your true path?  This is the hardest step to take out of ordinary reality and engage in divine reality of your personal truth.  Yet when you embrace this - you never look back.  With true understanding you recognize the beauty of your life as you recognize all your blessings from the souls perspective.  This journey brings lots of internal love, joy, happiness and peace. 

The question is do you want to have true peace, love, happiness and joy inside?  If you do - come and journey with other souls as we embrace our individual journeys together, supporting and helping each other no matter what.

Peace Truth Love and Light

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