Wednesday, 20 February 2013

February - The Heart of Living

This is the month that hold valentines day - a day that is usually reserved for couples. So I question is that really love.  Can there only be one type of love to celebrate?  It's become a fantastic day for sales and marketing.  So what is really being marketed I ask.  It is love or is it the need to be loved.  And is celebrating love the way it done today really love?

I ask these questions as many people don't seem to have the same attitude to valentines day now.  So if you don't have a partner does that mean you cannot understand about celebrating love?

Love comes in various forms at various levels of the spiritual journey.  Those of us following a path such as this generally do not confine a limited understanding of love and love is the key to working from the heart.  This is not about just embracing people we call family and friends but about everyone around, no matter what.

For many people love is conditional.  You have the saying 'if you really love me, you'd ....... or you wouldn't do that......  Conditional love is the norm of modern society.  There are ideas and limitations of what should be.  Then there is the misunderstanding of how you should behave out of love.  There is the abusive love relationship, there are the conditions, there are limits to love.  Yet, that should not be the case.  Love is a living universal energy.  It does not live a defined cage and it is open to all.

Unconditional love leads to, true compassion and true kindness.  Though many people are afraid to tread this path, it is a path worth going on.  You learn through your own experience that love is not about limiting your definition of love more about expanding it through insight and wisdom.  It is not about kindness being seen as weakness and kindness has it's many different forms.  Unconditional love is about the ability to send love to everyone, despite physical experiences and through kindness and compassion have the strength and courage to take what action is necessary to deal with those who will try to take advantage of this type of nature.

The Heart of Living is about living from the heart and learning to be true to your soul path, in a positive way.  Love is often seen as a weakness yet it is pure divine strength.  It really gives you the courage to do what is right, from the heart and you always find incredible strength exists due to this ability.  Through the heart you learn overcome limitations caused through fear, anxiety or worries.  Love heals negativity.  So sending love to all in February everyone is focussed on the concept of love is a powerful day for sending love to the world unconditionally.

Open you heart, heal your wounds and let the divine universal heart guide your path.

Peace Truth Love and Light
Life Healing Values

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