Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Co-creation is happening now.

Often on the spiritual journey people forget that they are co-creating.  There is a concept that creation begins when you've got to a certain level, or you have been initiated in a particular way or something external to you has given you permission or training to do this.  This simply is not true.  You are creating in every moment of your life.  That is a fact that is hard to swallow.  You are the creator or your current experiences.

The true question is do you go into denial and avoid what is happening or do you decide to own what is happening and start looking at how you can change it now.  You have two options (A) deny and continue a you are or (B) Accept and take responsibility.

If you choose (A), you have made the decision to choose not to take responsibility and blame your circumstances on what you are currently experiencing.  Everything negative is a blame on the outside.  Congratulations you are choosing to experience life from a place of illusion.  This is just as valid on the journey as you will learn things in very different ways.

If you choose (B), you have made the decision to choose to take responsibility for your life and look inwards for answers to your problems.  Congratulations to you for wanting to remove all forms of suffering and pains in life from getting to know you and who you are inside.  You also begin to change your perception to the perception of being spirit in a human experience.

Remember at the end of the day, everything is choice and there is no right or wrong answer.  It is the experiences at human level that help us become stronger on our journeys.  In this plane of duality, you can experience various types of emotions that can cause distress or cause happiness.  Overall, it is about learning to put your journey into perspective and learn to enjoy your experience from the point of being a soul.  Without the clear differences how can we differentiate between what we want to experience and what we don't want to experience.

So how does co-creation work if we are all participating?  It is influenced by your physical environment, the people, the beliefs, environment etc, the emotions you experience and decide which you want and which you don't want to experience, which is usually decided by the mind the mental aspect of our being.  The spirit is that inside us that drives us to experience on the outside.

Every moment you experience something, you filter the information, decide if your like it or not and you decide how intensely it affected you.  The patterns of experience begin to get categorised and you begin to pay attention to different things.  Generally we all want to create happy feelings for ourselves and experience love.  Most of the time people spend their attention on what they don't want.  This is what creates your experiences.  The more attention to give to something the more it is likely to manifest.  Even if you are a positive thinker on the whole, your undercurrent so thoughts affects what you really create.  That is why the art of mindfulness is a very important process in developing your meditation skills.  This helps you to identify where your thoughts are wondering off.

So what you think, deeply and is fixed within you are your true creations.  This is what you need to learn to uncover and heal to change your experiences.

Bhavna Mistry
Life Healing Values

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