Sunday, 10 November 2013

Living with Judgement

As you travel on your journey of life, you evolve in various ways.  One of the biggest problems is dealing with judgement.  We live in a society that has created a huge number of rules that we use for judging good or bad.  In this plane of duality this only seems natural.  So when you are working on releasing your own judgements you begin to realise just how difficult it can be not to judge.

From birth we are trained to be judges of ourselves and others.  There's no getting away from it.  How can a spiritual person working towards freedom of judgement free themselves?  The mind or the ego - loves judgement and has been programmed to do this.  It lives for it as it helps keep that duality of physical living in tact and it's own judgements as right.  The mind loves to validate the importance of judgement.  Judgements cause suffering and the ego has a secret addiction to the suffering as it proves right the deeper conditions and beliefs we hold subconsciously.  Often you won't even believe you held such beliefs it's that deep.

As you evolve along your path you begin to learn that various teachings hold different levels of judgement.  It takes the essence and applies various rules around it.  These all need to be unlocked and released in order to truly be in touch with our true essence.  This is not possible to do when you hold onto any form of belief system as right or wrong.  It only be discerned from a place of non-attachment to processes you go through.  Yet, you need to go through the processes in order to release the conditionings you are unaware of. 

It is as you begin to uncover your false patterns that you recognize them as such that; this is when you begin to understand how to make the most of the processes for your highest good.  Spiritual teachings often provide a lot of judgement of what is good and right.  This in itself can cause problems to your evolution.  My path has been completely following a spiritual path and through that I learnt that the teaching are there to help evolve not for us to decide the right way or wrong way.  In the end the teaching actually teach you to forget your teachings to get to the next level.  That is a very hard process to go through and you find a level of judgement try's to creep in to stop the progress.  The mind/ego are programmed for survival and they will cunningly do whatever it takes to survive.  It only your true essence that can help you transcend this level of built in survival.

The important thing is to learn that awareness is what sets you free.  To be aware of when you are judging and when you are just seeing the situation as it is.  When you add descriptors to your seeing you are probably using a judgement discretely.  There is a fine line between judging and seeing the situation for what it is and it understanding when you are swayed off balance.  In balance there is no judgement.

Through understanding the importance of letting go of judgement there is great freedom and peace to be found inside.  This is how I have evolved through judgement, that now I catch myself judging and then releasing it immediately.  Once the mind/ego see the benefit of this it begins to align step by step.

Peace Truth Love and Light

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