Sunday, 13 January 2013

2013 - Being Responsible

This year New Years Day was particularly auspicious. It fell on the fourth day of the waning moon which I understand to be the most auspicious of the Ganesh Days. So I started the day in meditation saying thank you for the previous year and asking for blessings in 2013. Ganesh can put obstacles for our learning and remove them with blessings once the lesson is understood. 2013 is about blessing the journey as I continue on my soul path.

The spiritual path, once embarked is not an easy path to take. Often people think you are opting out of life and responsibility of self. For most people it's much easier doing what everyone else is doing. That way everyone around understands what you are doing. Yet, when you ask them to take self-responsibility many of them find this an alien concept of taking responsibility of how you create your life. That's the difference. There are those who will do just about anything so they they do not have to contemplate that maybe, just maybe they are the creators of their current life.

Having said that, why would they want to take responsibility, to think you are responsible for creating your misfortune is not a nice thing to be responsible for. Yet those who are very fortunate materially are very content to take responsibility. Yet the answer is not a simple one. You can't just point it to one thing or several things in this life. We are all complex beings with different energetic influences affecting are situation. Some are from this life time, some from past life, some genetic and other generational. Now, it's not about blame and finding fault. It's about understand and deleting the problems.

Last year I decided to study NLP, TimeLine TherapyTM, and Hypnosis. It gave me new techniques for working with on this path and I incorporate into the healing work I do. NLP is about learning to be on the side of taking action not being a reactor in life. Most people react to situations very few take action. Taking responsibility is the same thing. It's about looking at any particular situation in your life and decided how you want to respond to it. This requires recognizing how you are responding and then working towards changing your response and over time you start changing how you respond to a particular situation. That's why the spiritual path and the self development path, however you want to look at it is not the easiest path because for most people it's easier to just say 'that's the way I am', the acceptance of how they behaved in the past is the way they will always behave. Whereas for the person who is taking responsibility for their life it is all about changing their response. It doesn't matter what the other person does it's about accepting how you have responded, understanding how you want to change it and then working towards that change.

What self-development though various tools provides is a means to make those changes. It could be through the use of affirmations, hypnosis, deleting past behaviour and creating a new response as on NLP techniques, removing limiting behaviour, doing meditation, following a spiritual path etc.

My own experience has taken me down the meditation path, then the spiritual path and then learning various techniques to speed up the process. What the whole process requires is a belief in there being a different way of being to the way you have been and believing you can change for the better. Our beliefs and values help us to take responsibility in life and having a human existence. I believe my beliefs and values should enable me to have a spiritual life in my current human experience. I believe we are spiritual beings, light beings here to experience what it means to be human. So why not make your human experience the best you can on all levels. To do that you need to be responsible for your behaviour, reactions to all situations. It means you stop creating excuses, causes etc as they simply amplify the sense of not being responsible for things in your life.

I say congratulations to everyone who is attempting to take self responsibility in their life. As this is a difficult process to go through especially as many people who do not want to take responsibility ready to rubbish what you do.

Congratulations and keep going. You are brave and courageous to take this road and keep the strength up. Get to know other like minded people who can support you on this path.

The journey does get easier and it is rewarding for the deep peace and love you feel inside and knowing you can always be honest and truthful to the light inside.

Peace Truth Love and Light

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