Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Heart Seed Activations

If you are on the spiritual path of the soul, you will probably have already heard about the huge shifts of energy taking place now on earth.  This period is all about preparing for the new way of being.  It is time to move away for material centered activities to heart centered activities.

I have spent many years developing my heart center in it's many levels.  After going through the many stages, I activated the heart seed.  This has brought about a number of profound changes to my life.  It means all that I do as soul living as Bhavna, I do from the heart.  It means spreading love everywhere including where it is needed the most.  This is the biggest challenge of all.

In the process of sending out love to all, it means I have learnt about the true meaning of unconditional love.  It is all about ensuring that no matter what another person does even if it negatively impacts on my life, I have to deal with the situation with love.  Today, the material minded being does not appreciate what this truly means, hence making the task harder.  However this is a key part of the challenge.  Each step of the way, I have been more fully been able to embrace what it means to be living from the heart and giving unconditional love.  Unconditional love does not mean we cannot take positive action to change the impact of negative things.  Unconditional love simply means you take your actions and send love at the same time to all others involved.  Though it is extremely difficult to see how it works in the long term it does have positive effects.  Especially on you as an individual.

Soul living is not about using law of attraction, skills obtained from your path for personal gain alone.  It is actually about learning to fulfill your soul's journey on earth.  This is what is really important.  In embracing the journey your soul must undertake, you are then step-by-step guided to your soul purpose.

How many people would actually fully embrace their soul purpose if the information is given to them straight away?  It would be too daunting and at human level you may not be ready to carry out the actions.  That is why it is important to embrace your soul purpose one step at a time and to have patience in your path.

As part of my growth I have undertaken NLP, hypnosis and Timeline Therapy (TM) and coaching, what this taught me is we can put goals in place like most people, however, what we have to bear in mind is that if you are evolving for your ultimate soul purpose, then you may need to adapt how to work with that.  Setting human goals may not always correspond with your soul purpose and path.  What I also discovered is that if you are using these techniques, then, they need to be adapted to your spiritual way of being for it to be most effective.  If your goals are not in alignment with your soul path journey, they will not manifest as you request them.  This also applies to the law of attraction.

For myself, working from the heart has been the key to my path, even as I embrace the skills I have learnt from energy healing understanding and the scientific approach as used with techniques such as NLP.  These also have to be in alignment of your path.

In December I have been given a workshop for activating the heart seed safely, so that it can growth within safely without completely disrupting your human path.  Yes, huge changes are made but they do not have to be dramatic.  I have had huge changes in my life, and I'm fully embracing my human life consciously as a soul, at the same time I am able to remain rational.  When you heart and mind start acting as one, you are more fully able to embrace your purpose.  The aim of the heart seed activations is to speed up your journey safely, so that when you are ready you'll be able to fully embrace your soul path and enter the cosmic connection of your heart.

Living from the heart is the key to the huge shifts taking place.  It is time for us to embrace everyone with love and to understand that this is all part of the souls journey.  The more I embrace this, the more I realise the importance of sharing my knowledge with others so they too can fully embrace their path.  Remember, we are all individuals with an individual path, the key is to unravel our own journey as we successful move through the different stages.

Live from the heart and embrace your soul path.

Peace Truth Love and Light

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