Monday, 11 June 2012

Meditation - can you afford not to have the time.

Meditation is something we can all do to progress ourselves and find deep peace inside.  It is not something you can just read about - it has to be practiced regularly for personal development and also helps manage stress.

In the manic active world we live in today, when people see in a relaxed state, they  then talk to me about wanting to do meditation.  When I ask why they don't meditate -  the first answer is always; "I don't have the time".  It surprises people when I suggest that it is precisely because they don't have the time that they need to make the time.  So what do I mean by that comment?

Making time for meditation - is making time for you.  This is when I hear objections about work, family, spouse, children etc taking up their time and about their duties to their family.  The idea of having time for themselves is completely alien, particularly with females - as their whole family depends on them to do everything practically for them.  These aren't just people with young children it includes adult children also. It can also include friends who have come to depend on you giving your time to them.  When people start meditating and become less  available to be at others beck and call the first response they get is 'you are being selfish'.  Simply because by making time for yourself and not being available to them at 'their' convenience you are suddenly selfish.  This is a very common reaction.  Thus the first hurdle to practicing meditation.  Time and other people.  Often this is followed by an attempt to make you feel guilty.  They start throwing their expectations at you or telling you how you disappoint them.  When you don't fulfill their expectations - emotional blackmail starts taking place unconsciously on their part as they try to haul you back to where they want you to be in their life. This hurdle is thrown at you at any stage in your evolution process.  These are also our tests to show us how far we have come.  So should be welcomed.

What happens in the long term is that you will have more time.  Strange as it sounds meditation does that.  It's because you are processing the multiple simultaneous thoughts in your mind.  In normal daily activities our thoughts run riot to the point that we don't actually process them effectively, the mind is not given the time to do what it needs to do, to make us more productive in a stress free way.  Meditation helps to process those thoughts and put them away so they stop bombarding your mind.  This helps maintain calmness in stressful situations.

Meditation practice teaches about the art of action through non-action.  This means as you cultivate your mind and train it to process the thoughts bombarding it continuously you are actually making space for you to achieve more things.  This is because it allows you to focus your attention completely on the task you are carrying out much more effectively and productively, therefore in less time.

For example, when I was in the 'normal workplace'.  I was being overloaded with things to do.  Whilst I was being overloaded I was doing something really important before I got to work - I was deepening my meditation practice as a result, I was working instead of becoming 'stressed out' by how much work I was  given, which is what normally happens.  This meant I could still do the work to high standards, allowing me to be true to who I am.

Regular meditation helps you become more productive with your work and maintain your personal integrity.  Therefore, simply by giving yourself time to de-stress and process all the thoughts, emotions, feelings etc that you are continuously being bombarded with;  you become more productive. In addition to this you are able to support others through your calmness. There are many benefits to practicing meditation.  For each person the benefits are slightly different according to their life.  That's how versatile the practice of meditation is.

Next time you think - I don't have time for meditation ... instead of thinking that - why not spend the time you would spend thinking you don't have time to meditate to actually practicing it.  If not, you could time how long you spend thinking you don't have time and wishing you did.  You might just find you've suddenly created time for you to be able to meditate.  Then correct your thought process with a positive affirmation - I have time to meditate now.  

This is the first hurdle to your daily / regular meditation practice. After over 20 years of practice I can honestly say it is worth it.  

Truth Love and Light

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