Thursday, 1 March 2012

The Path of Love - Trust

Being on the Path of Love is not easy in the material world we live in today.  Materialism has led the way for too long, and though people are slowly becoming disillusioned with it, most people feel they are pretty much stuck in the situation not knowing how to get out.  It is because of this that The Path of Love is harder to tread.  It is because of this that we have to develop Trust.  Trust is developed over a period of time, at different stages of your personal evolution.  The experiences faced have created a degree of trust already.  The past, the present, the future is based on trust.  The moment you are born you are learning about trust.  Trust in your parents, your guardians and teachers on earth.  Over time you develop an understanding of trust from your experiences.

Simply the fact you are reading this, shows you have developed a degree of trust in your path, otherwise you would not be drawn to this.  It is at this stage that you realise the true importance of trust.  Up until now we have been encouraged to primarily externalise trust in others.  For most of us we have learnt through experience that it is even more important to learn to trust ourselves.  This form of trust is internalised.  This kind of trust is what differentiates the person following a material life to one that is following what feels right in the material world.

It is by knowing what feels right and then taking appropriate action to match that feeling that we learn to trust ourselves.  Though initially, you may not understand where this intuition is coming from, you learn to trust the feelings that lead you in the right direction.  Or for most of us, (certainly for me) we learn from realising that because we didn't trust our intuition, and instead were influenced by the external environment that we made some of our biggest mistakes.  Instinct is often underrated, yet it is instinct that usually helps us the most.  This is our intuition and our personal guidance.

So, how do we actively seek this intuitive guidance and learn to engage and trust it more?  The answer is simple, you connect to your true essence, the light within.  This light is the eternal you.  This light is also your personal starlight.  You are this particular seed of light, or pinpoint of light.  It is this aspect of yourself that you need to connect to.  Once you actively start to connect with this, you begin to build a relationship with yourself, your true nature.  This connection is all about remembrance.  Remembering who you are and reconnecting back to yourself.  It's as simple as that.

It is as you connect to your true essence that the trials begin.  You will be faced with numerous experiences that will try to lead you back to your old ways.  The tests are there to see how committed you are to following your soul path and the Path of Love.  Progress is seen through taking on the challenges, through which you learn to trust your intuition and your guidance at all times. This is learning to trust yourself.

There is another aspect to trust.  This is the trust in the universe, the divine, the great spirit, the holy spirit etc.  The terminology doesn't matter, what matters is what you believe in or are drawn to, and learning to trust that.  As you progress with this relationship, learning to trust, you begin to align yourself to your true soul path and start to walk on The Path of Love.  This relationship will push you through the limits as you understand them, the whole point is to remove the limitations of human understanding.  On a logical level the world is limited.  On a spiritual level the world is unlimited.  These tests push you through your limiting thoughts, beliefs and actions.  It basically changes your world and your understanding.

So trust is a twofold process.  Trust in yourself and trust in the universe.  As you embrace trust, align to your soul path and tread on the Path of Love, you become embraced by the Laws of the Universe.  And it is trust that enables you to fully embrace this and in turn trust your external environment.

So Trust yourself and Trust in the Universe.

Truth Love and Light
Life Healing Values

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