Thursday, 23 February 2012

The Path of Love - Karma

As we progress on the Path of Love, our entire being emits a brighter light.  We feel more alive as we understand ourselves better.  The processes you go through prepares you to deal with everyday matters.  You find you are creating more positive patterns in your life.

Eventually, you get to a point, where you have become very comfortable with all that you have done.  Then, one day you find, an old pattern has resurfaced.  But you know you have already dealt with this - so how can it be?  You worked through the different levels as you understood them.  What more is there?  There is karma.

The term karma used a lot, so how does this relate to being on the path of love.  Once you have dealt with the current life patterns, you then have to deal with past life actions.  This does not require you to endlessly go for regression therapy to deal with it.  The only reason this is surfacing is because you are ready to deal with it through self healing.  There are many options.  By this point you'll be able to do your own readings or meditations to understand this.  Generally with karmic patterns, once you identify the source it is easier to heal, either by meditation, self healing for working with someone else.  Sometimes it's a simple case of identifying the situation and then it seems to dissolve...other times it is more involved; all depending on how deeply it is embedded in your past life.  Generally the older the past life the deeper it is embedded, then you understand the term karmic debris.

Karma is the reason you are experiencing current life situations and the only way to release it is to deal with it.  As you consciously deal with this you evolve faster and the Path of Love becomes stronger.  You have to send love your past to heal it; this is teaching about unconditional love in all situations.  As you start dealing with karma you become more detached from the negative impact of these life experiences.  This is what helps you to go forwards with the actions you have to take to eliminate the negative situations.

To develop a strong heart conscious path, you need to also deal with healing your past in this life and from karma of past life experiences.  As these dissolve, you are able to more fully embrace the Path of Love and move forwards on your Soul Path.  

Dissolving your karma helps you to recreate you new life as you are changing your energy inside.  The deep cleansing of your energy changes what you draw into your life and the way you do things.

Truth Love and Light

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