Thursday, 9 February 2012

The Path of Love - Which Way?

How do you start on the Path of Love? What is the route? Which way should you go? How do we find it?

The Path of Love is all about you, and your personal evolution.  It is your path.  It is about the needs of your soul and what is required for your evolution.

You will come across lots of different paths and ways to evolve.  Some will claim you that theirs is the true way. So what is the true way.  The truth is only you can answer that.  It is your path.  There are as many paths as there are people.  Each journey is individual.  Along the journey we meet various others on their journey, some we stay in touch with, but not always.  We may even become amazingly good friends which people on this path, however, we still have an individual path to follow.  How you experience life is unique to you.

I was at the Mind, Body and Spirit show two years ago, and decided to find out about the different ways.  I discovered at one stall, that they used the system I was using, chanting mantra, chakra work, breath work etc.  There were three sections and I was impressed initially.  At the beginning stage of their courses; I was looked upon with horror as I asked 'Do you chant AUM?'.  In this system you do not use 'AUM', unless it is in a sacred activity.  I grew up it, had chanted it in a large gathering so found this concept strange.  Deciding it wasn't worth arguing about, I left it and the lady decided to show me the area for ascension as I had done what she was talking about.  She informed me, that at this stage you can make contact with cosmic beings.  When I informed, I had already done that, she emphatically told me, 'Believe me you have not'.  I emphatically replied back, 'Believe me I have'.  She repeated her previous sentence... then all of sudden she disappeared back to the beginning section, before I could comment.  To say I was surprised is an understatement. At this point I said 'Thank You' to one of my cosmic being guides who was present; teaching me, that you will always get people who will try to control others even in spiritual development.

So how do you decide who to go to and when?  In my experience it has been about trusting my intuitive guidance.  An inner knowing you are doing the right thing.  For example, when I met my Reiki teacher, I immediately felt, I had done the right thing, she was the right teacher for me.  When I studied Reiki drum, I knew I wanted to learn shamanism from this same teacher.  It felt right.  I found I studied and worked on what I was most drawn to at the time.  This way I was responding to my inner guidance.  On the spiritual and energy healing path that is the right way to choose your development process.  No one else can decide for you.  I have worked with spirit guides associated with different cultures in different forms.  They have all contributed to my evolvement in different ways.  And that's what they are there to do.  To help you find and follow your path.

So should you go for training to someone else.  I found that learning techniques from others sped up my journey as I was not having to discover it for myself.  It also provided a safe environment to work in.  This way you grow to your personal highest potential in the safest way possible.  Remember find someone who resonates with your energy and then it will be the right path for you.

Truth Love and Light
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