Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Following your Truth - on the Path of Love

On The Path of Love, the journey has lots of ups and downs.  This is because we need to connect to our inner personal Truth and follow that what is right for us.  This often requires not being 'one of the crowd', or being different to the people around and not conforming just because 'that has always been the way'.

I read something about how company policy is formed in a training brochure.  It's a story about 5 monkeys who have been put in a room with some stairs, that leads up to some bananas at the top.  Every time one of the monkey attempted to go up, they would have water sprayed at them.  This eventually stopped the monkey's attempting to reach for the banana they would love to eat.  Then, one monkey is taken out and replaced by a new one.  When the new monkey attempts to climb the stairs all the other four monkeys, stop him by slapping, kicking etc, eventually the new monkey gives up too.  Then, another one of the original monkeys is taken out and replaced another new monkey2. Monkey2 experiences the same thing and the first new monkey joins in with the treatment.  This is carried out until all original monkeys are replaced.  When a 6th new monkey is brought in, he too experiences the slapping down when he attempts to get the bananas.  So this is how company policy is formed.  Even though now - none of them even know why they are stopping the new monkey from going up.  This is how culture is also formed the original messages are lost and people continue to follow something they don't understand!  I've seen/experienced this type of behaviour to different degrees.  And it becomes the accepted norm.  The real question is 'Why is this accepted?'  What is your Truth.

This gives a great insight.  We are expected to conform to things without explanation or real understanding.  In following a spiritual path where you attune to your heart and follow your own truth; you are being asked to be the one who will climb up those stairs ready to experience whatever is thrown at you.  It means you have to search deep inside for your own Truth and follow it.  We all have a different path to lead, on the Path of Love, finding your inner truth is essential for growth.  That is why this is a beautiful yet difficult path to lead.   But once conformity is not the required norm and being different is acceptable to people in all cultures,  then maybe it will not be such a difficult path.

So as you follow The Path of Love and embrace your personal truth, also embrace others who provide a mutual supportive relationship.  When you follow your inner truth, you do find deep peace inside and you can feel the love flowing out from within you.  It is an amazing experience.  And remember to have lots of fun along the way.

Truth, Love and Light

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