Thursday, 16 February 2012

On the Path of Love

What does it really mean to be on "The Path of Love"?

The Path of Love requires you to stay heart centered for everything in life.  It means whatever actions, thoughts, words, are vibrated out from you must be positively sent from your heart center, from a place of Divine Love.

Within the heart of hearts is the Divine Cosmic Heart, and it is through this place we must learn to take all our actions from.  In a conversation the question was posed by a shamanic teacher, how does one stay heart centered? It's not an easy question to answer at first.  I've given this a lot of thought and found the answer is actually very very simple.  You must look within, be continuously connected to your cosmic heart, be aligned to your soul path and then from this place allow your thoughts, words, actions unfold before you.  So the answer is simple but the path is very individual.

It's not a process that happens overnight for the majority of people.  There is huge journey to take before we get to that place.  That journey is known as 'life experiences' which are created with different levels of difficulty and easiness.  We have all incarnated on earth with different karma, different spiritual and human ancestral lineages as well as soul lineage.  Therefore we have to learn and evolve from these.  Once you have completed your lessons, and understood your teaching that pattern does not need to be repeated again.  With each positive lesson learnt we increase our vibration of energy, this then creates our ability to connect to our soul path and heart center.

When I first almost grudgingly gave into studying Reiki - my ego convinced me I was doing it for the purpose of learning a new skill which I could then use to become a practitioner and treat people for a living.  My soul did not let it happen that way, one empowerment and I knew I had to go all the way to teach it.  By the time I got to teacher level, it was all about my personal development, from there I went on to rapidly do everything to become the best I could be.  Be the clearest channel I could be, and learning became my own healing path.    The thing that drove me forwards is that I felt I could not teach or treat someone if I'm not as clear as possible as a channel.  Some things I was able to do without instruction particularly mantra, chakra and yantra development.  Other things, I had to be reminded of the techniques.  Once I did a course or workshop it woke up my past life knowledge to allow me to take it to deeper levels.  Throughout all this I did it from my heart.  I found, I focused doing everything from the heart.

So, the trick is to stay heart centered no matter what happens.  Doesn't matter what stories you are being told, you need to bring your thoughts to the positive at all times.  These are all things which you have to train yourself to do.  We are surrounded by enough negative people ready to tell you the negative side, draw us into unhealthy gossip; these are low vibrational actions.  To stay heart centered we have to take ourselves out of the human illusion about what life is all about.  The new insight is to see that your life is a drama being acting out, which you can start choreographing and changing to become more positive.  It's a tough path but the further you work and go into it, the more peaceful, balanced, happy and loving you become inside. These experiences are priceless and give a new more valid purpose for your journey.

Being more and more heart centered helps you become more and more aligned with your soul path.  Now, I could never go back to who I was last year, never mind before that.  We continuously evolve as we release negative patterns that no longer vibrate with who are becoming.  This leads to ascension.  As the earth is now going through an ascension process, we need to be doing the same.

Truth Love and Light

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