Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Eating on The Path of Love

As humans we need food to survive.  Whatever type of diet we choose to follow involves eating a life of some sort.  Life depends on life.  Whether you depend on meats or are vegan.  We are still dependent on another life form sustaining our life.  So we should love and respect our food, and this in turn will love and respect us as it sustains our life.

Today, we live in a throw away society.  Easy come easy go.  We don't honour the food on our plates. Wastage is a big problem.  Too much is bought and thrown away - some of it good and some as it goes off.  Left overs see the bin instead of being recycled.  We have forgotten that respecting and loving food is seen in many forms.

It is savage the way food is destroyed.  The life is taken for nothing.  Yes, sometimes, things go off and it might cause food poisoning, but this can be recycled too.  Using 'savage' to describe this may seem harsh, but what image does the word bring to mind?  How do you perceive the word savage?  The savage has no regard for others.  When there is no gratitude for the sacrifice made, that is spiritual savagery. On the spiritual path we recognize life permeating through all that we eat.  So it is savage to waste food in any form. and it is not in alignment with the path of love.  All you need to do is acknowledge and honour the life that sacrificed it's life to sustains yours.  Our relationship with our food represents the relationship with ourselves.

We eat good healthy food when we feel good and healthy.  We eat less healthy when we our energy feels less healthy.  Life throws various circumstances for us to deal with everyday.  The food we eat, and how we eat it resonates with our energy.  On the Path of Love, eating also illustrates how we feel in ourselves.

Treat yourself with love and respect and be kind and gentle to yourself as you eat with kindness on the Path of Love.

Truth Love and Light
Life Healing Values

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