Monday, 16 January 2012

Taking the Path of Love

Taking the Path of Love or Living from the Heart - may often seem impossible.

Today more than ever life really matters.  Things are changing rapidly continuously and there seems to much of say one thing do another.  It happens in politics more prominently than ever before.  The coalition is not working there is no middle ground.  In fact it seems to be heading completely to 'Captialism'.  Even the so called socialism seem to be going capitalist.  Working as a volunteer at the CAB highlights this type of problem all the time, in many areas of living.  Then, you have the ever increasing opportunists creating new scams.  If there is a market for this - someone is also pulling a scam.  Some will even dare to use spiritual growth to scam you, then there are emails telling you you've got the job when you've not even applied for it.  How can that be?  So in the face of all this, how can be embrace the Path of Love?  How can we shift the energy out of this negative spiral?

Those of us who follow the Path of Love, of Light, of Truth, whatever we call the path that embraces in divine light, have a stronger sense of conviction and hope than those who don't.  Many have just accepted it.  This in itself creates a self-fulfilling prophecy of accepting the negative.  Why should we do that?  I certainly won't accept it.  Neither should you or anyone else.  This is the negative creation of life which I certainly do not subscribe to.  I always believe in and see a better future ahead.  That is how we need to be going forwards.  We should heal the past, the present and the future.

In shamanism this is called dreaming, in reiki we send distant healing, in tantra it is about balancing who chakras and mantra.  All the different ancient systems call upon the divine universal life force energy in it's many recognized names to 'heal' the situation.  Healing is not just about healing the physical body, it also includes the emotional, mental and spiritual part of all things.  The term for 'highest good' is used in healing work in the numerous ways you do this.  The highest good is not what you or I believe to be the highest; but is the highest good for the soul.  This means from the heart.  So, all we really need to do is focus our intentions on a positive, life, of peace, love and unity for all and send it the universal life force energy in the form that it works for us.  This includes sending prayers for a person.

It really is as simple as that, and we can all do this.  The more of us there are sending the universal life force energy which I consider to be sent from the cosmic heart of divine love, the more we are sending positive vibrations around the world for positive change for all.

Living from the Heart and sending love to all that is, is the key of 2012.  Let us all embrace it from our own hearts.  To do this remember 'every thought counts'.  Each thought we have in the present is contributing to the future.  Let's make those thoughts positive and loving from the heart.  Use your thoughts wisely, that is what creates you future now.

Simply remember your thoughts do count as it contributes to the collective whole.  So make those thoughts about embracing the Path of Love for 2012.

With Truth, Love and Light

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