Thursday, 5 January 2012

Hello 2012

How has 2012 started for you?

I was in a deep meditation before the strike of the clock.  All I remember is that in the five minutes before and after I was in a deep state of meditation receiving some kind blessing.  I hadn't planned to be in a deep meditation but that's what happened.  It was a wonderful experience of loving warm energy surrounding me.

This is hardly a surprise.  Before 2012 started, I was getting messages about the importance of the heart centre and opening up the heart to let the love flood out.  And now that I'm in 2012.  Well, the messages have simply become much stronger.  It's all about love and becoming loving energetic beings.  Living in the heart and sending love out is essential for 2012.  It's all about deep connection with all that is with experiencing love within ourselves.

Coming into 2012 - I did some channeling and reading meditations and the same messages where coming through.  This led me to look for what others were saying.  I received newletters all talking about love.  In the Sandra Ingerman newsletter it was called the Path of Love.  That makes complete sense to me.  It is all about love.  So the year ahead we need to focus on this loving energy encompassing All That Is.

I have been developing the heart chakra for a while now and this year it has grown in a number of ways.  It's really amazing how much it just keeps growing and growing.  That infinite love for you.  I'm now working on developing workshops to develop the heart center.  So how open is your heart center?  Find ways to open your heart more everyday and 2012 will simply get better and better everyday.

So here's to a loving 2012.

Truth Love and Light

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