Tuesday, 23 August 2011

The Path of Truth

I have been on the path of truth for a while now.  It comes to a point where you can no longer accept the deceit around us.  It means in order to be true to ourselves we cannot allow others to be deceitful around us.  So how does this affect us in our daily life.

Well for me it has been meant taking action to stop this type of behaviour thrown in your direction.  It means you have to say 'no'.  You have to tell people, actually, I don't play your game as that will lead into a web of lies.  Instead it pushes you forward on your path to continue speaking the truth no matter how negatively others are trying to portray you.  

Relating it back to my recent experience of being made redundant.  It was a way of getting the truth speaker out to stop the damage of their false reputations.  But does my action have to stop there - because I've been dismissed under the disguise of redundancy for raising issues of statutory rights in the workplace.  What I find amazing about the whole experience is the more I challenge, the more lies are woven.  But for how long can these lies continue to be woven.  The weaving is done on brittle thread, tightly woven in the hope that there will be pressure added to that.  Once the pressure is in - the threads do snap. 

The Path of Truth requires us to belief in the truth and that the truth will be brought to the surface.  It is about your spiritual connection, you trust and your faith in your guides and your path.  This trust is built up over time.  Each time you take the next challenge it tests you once again. Will I trust it will work out or do I bail.  On this path there is no other option after the point of no return.  Trust is all you have in the Truth.   

You can be tested in a number of different ways, we all have different blockages to be removed and issues to deal with.  For me it has been about respect as a person.  Why should we let someone who has 'status' ruin our self-esteem, confidence and self-respect.  Of course there are other qualities here too but it's what is prevalent at the time.  I am standing strong.  I will not be bulldozed by those who have greater power.  If you are hungry for power - then you should learn to use that power with great responsibility.  Power should not be abused.  to abuse power means you have abused your position in life.  It means you do not deserve to hold onto that power as it is being directed to have deliberately have a negative impact on others.  This is when power is negative.  

With positions of power comes responsibility.  How many people are actually capable of directing their power for the highest good for all.  This question needs to be asked now.  There are too many people around the world abusing their positions.  It is time to think about this and how the lies of these people have got them into positions of power.  Are you willing to sell your soul for money, status, image,  material good etc.  Are you willing to do this for personal gain alone?  What is it you want from power?  What are your true intentions?  How will you use your position in life?

How do negative get into power?  What do they do?  People believe them, and even as they see the evils around do nothing about it.  So are we giving these people more power by not speaking out?  In fact, these people rely on 'fear' to stay in power.  Fear of what will happen to them if they speak out.  Fear of losing their job.  Fear of being victimised at work, in society.  Fear of being excluded from a group.  

This is when you have to question what is most important in your life.  Your willingness to do nothing and thus giving your permission for such behaviour to take place,or do you risk everything to live by the truth and challenge what is not right.

The only person who can answer that is you.  Will you stand up and speak out for the truth or will you watch and do nothing.  

Speaking the truth and staying on course may not be easy in the short term, but as a soul in the long term, I will advance.  This is an illusion of the school of physical manifestation.   This school draws us into the daily dramas.  But the trick is to live through the drama in the knowledge that you are a soul have a human experience.  It is this experience that teaches us the most.  If we can learn, experience and move on with non-attachment to outcomes, then we can follow the path from the soul's sacred heart and learn to simply be and flow in the great river of life.   

I choose to flow.  What will you do?

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