Thursday, 2 June 2011

Pure Consciousness

Pure Consciousness

Pure consciousness means recognizing your role as an aspect of the divine. Nothing more nothing less. When you know that you are pure consciousness your actions are not yours but come from the divine. This is when you have reached the stage of satchidananda.

Spiritual development is a long and slow process and requires more commitment than any job, or role you play on the material world. Yet, the work does pay well. It gives complete internal peace and love. Complete bliss. Bliss from knowing who you are. Knowing the truth of your spiritual nature.

It helps you to live and deal with the various situations that arise in the world.  You see things in a different light and it gives you strength to deal with difficulties created by the dramas of the material souls.  We too get caught up in this way of thinking but the key is to keep returning the place inner sanctuary to lead and guide to give deeper karmic peace.

Release your karma and live dharma.  That is the true journey of the soul.

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