Friday, 1 July 2011

Living in the Shadows of Lies

For many people on the path of being a lightworker, healer, teacher, or simply just flowing the truth inside is difficult today.  It is because the majority of people simply don't.

Kindness is scoffed at.  It is.  There is no doubt about that.  When you are kind to people they take advantage of you.  It's as simple as that in life today.  It is only when you meet other genuine kind people that you realise that you are being abused.  When people take and take and take and not give back they are abusing you.  This happens in personal lives and all the time in the workplace.

Yes, the workplace is a living nightmare for modern spirituality.

I worked in a public organisation where I thought this kind of thing should not happen.  I was based in a social caring environment where they understand about social inclusion, exclusion, how to remove the barriers, how to get people involved and make make society a more people orientated place.  Where difference is celebrated not stamped out.  I thought finally, I'm in a place where people care.  I really believed it when I started.  I was happy to use my skills to help others.  I was happy to believe that my skills would eventually lead to a career and future development in the physical world of 'normal living'.

This is where found the lies.  Private profit making industry was different.  You expect people to be ego based, not caring etc.  But I found the opposite.  In fact I found nicer people outside the caring sectors of this society.  People where using their professional skills in this instance occupational therapy to undermine and belittle and exclude.

Why do this?
Why do people bully others?  I thought that was playground tactics.
Where do bullies in the workplace come from?  How does it work?

It's simple.  Look around you.  Those children that were popular at school, dictated who could be in their special group of friends, who bullied to get their own way, who sulked, who manipulated etc.  These people are now grown up and in the workplace.  They have matured and fine honed their skills and created a living working nightmare.  Bully management is the key word of today.  It is the age of Kali Yuga.  It is the age of self preservation and it is the ages of trying to hang on to the illusions.

Whilst I was trying to work through the process of living with truth, love and light leading my path.  I was facing the demons of lies and hidden agendas for career advancement and the path to power.  Yes, that what it's all about.  It is the ego based path to power.  Power from the heart for following the soul path, for the highest good is truly amazing.  Seeking power for personal gain and to have power over other people so that you can control everyone and everything leads to living in the shadows of lies.

The more you speak the truth the more obstacles you face.  The more obstacles you face on the spiritual path the harder you work to overcome them.  Then you realise the obstacles are there to shut you up.  The question is do you shut up or speak out.  Speaking out takes you out of the shadows of lies and onto your path of truth.  But it also sends you into the human jungle.  It worse than facing the wild animals.  Wild animals hunt only for food when hungry.  Power seekers are always on the hunt for anything that give more power.

So living in the shadows of truth is living in the lies.  Coming out of the lies you face the problems you never knew existed.  You see the corruption in one section, you take it higher and find they are leading this corruption.  They lead you to believe they want to help you, that is because they are thinking 'how can this improve my career'.  They are acting out of ego and not from the truth.  They actually only want to do if it enhances their move up the career ladder.  Then they ditch you.  You go to HR and you find they are not there to help but to perpetuate living in lies.  When, they can no longer control you, they find a way to manage you out.  And yet you see posters everywhere stating 'come and whistle blow'.  It is not truth that is sought unless it's a small thing that helps personal power to grow.

That is my most recent experience of working in the public sector.  However my challenge is to continue on the path of truth and not give up.  That is what I have done and continue to do.  As a result, I have had to learn to be kind to my abusers.  Why, because kindness comes from the heart.  On the soul path kindness is essential for spiritual growth.  However, kindness comes in many forms.  I will write about kindness next time.

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