Thursday, 2 June 2011

Crystals for Healing and Personal Development

I have been working with crystals for over 15 years now.  Primarily I used them for self healing and personal development through meditation and placing on the body or wearing it as jewellery.  I never had any plans to train as a healer as I didn't want to get into the nitty gritty science stuff.  All I am interested in is the healing work it does.

Then a couple of years ago a friend suggested I do her intuitive crystal course.  At that point I didn't realise just how much further I world was being opened up.  Suddenly, my intuitive working took on a whole new dimension.  As I worked through my case studies I found I was using initially just crystals and on different people they worked in different ways.  I found myself expanding my collection of crystals, as not only was I treating others but at the same I was treating myself.  I was layouts on myself.  This lead to increased spiritual and personal development.  As I worked on different levels of my personal journey my crystal collection expanded.  Then just when I thought I was done with the ones I had bought I have new ways of working on myself with them.

Crystals are complimentary not only with the current conventional medicine but even more so with traditional spirit healing work.  This means I use all the different energy systems for healing and I will combine crystals as and when required with other techniques. It could be with a reiki treatment, just a crystal healing, a meditation crystal healing, regression healing, drum healing, mantra healing, chakra healing, and various ways of working in shamanism.

Healing work I have found does not allow for exclusivity.  Healing is a holistic approach.  Healing always starts with yourself.  Crystals are a fantastic way to heal and work through different layers of your own healing.

The best part came when I connected to the Crystal Guardian.  This led me to a whole new realm of teaching and learning to choose and heal with crystals.  We all have a crystal guide and it's a great way to connect to your guide to choose crystals for your own personal healing and development.

I now can't imagine a life without my crystal friends.  Crystals all have spirits within them and they will speak to us and guide us to how we need to work with them.  I truly recommend using crystals for healing.

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