Thursday, 29 July 2010

The Meaning of Life

Throughout the world throughout many life times people have philosophized about the Meaning of Life.  We could spend, days, hours, etc arguing and not getting any closer to the question.  Yet, the answers actually are not that far away.

All you have to do is look deep into yourself.  Start working on who you are.  Find out more about yourself, what makes you tick, what influences you, find patterns of behaviour including patterns of frustration.  Start changing your responses more positively.  Then bit by bit the puzzle will unravel itself.

My understanding comes from my own journey.  I've not always understood the journey but nevertheless it has been important to who I am today.  It is through the ups and downs of life that we learn more about who we are.  We learn about out strength, inner truth, integrity and most importantly doing what is right for us.  Each persons answer will be different and we all our experiences vary as we are in a different place on our journey.  

In each journey the one thing that is really important is not what happened but our response.  How we react and how we changed our reactions over time.  What we have learnt and what will want to learn next.  The further we travel the more we want to uncover.  The journey is what is important.  

The further we travel on our personal journey - the more insight we get.  This is how we find our inner truth and thus enables to follow and live the truth in side us.  It means we have to face our fears.  The more we embrace our fears the stronger we become. 

So are you ready to find out about yourself yet?
Do you want to know the truth of who you are?

Taking your inner journey will lead you to places beyond your imagination.  And if you are already on your journey .. then congratulations and welcome to the life of the spiritual warrior.

Wishing you warm thoughts
Bhavna Mistry
Teacher and Healer

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