Saturday, 20 February 2010

Material or Spiritual

For most people, the concept of material life v spiritual life is a complicated one.

Can how one be spiritual and material at the same time... It's a difficult thing to understand and follow....

When I started my reiki journey ... I was presented with precepts to live by.  As I had previously done work using positive thinking as a way of life doing the precepts was a continuation.  So, I did this for a while consciously until it became I never really understood how I would know this was taking effect in my life....but here is an example of how simple positive living affirmations can help change our lives. 

I had ordered new sofa for my the meantime I had to arrange for the old bed and two single seaters to taken away.  Due to them not having the fire guard card attached.  So as I live in a small flat I was becoming about to loose my temper ... when suddenly, I said to my self 'no you will not be angry' the first precept....once I decided on that something amazing happened.  Instead of getting angy I then used the energy that would have been directed into anger into a constructive energy.  So, then I rearranged my flat so that I could have my sofa set up where I wanted it and not block the space I had created for other purposes.  I was amazed at what changing my thinking to situation could achieve.

This simply emphasized to me the importance of positive thinking.  It's not an easy process process but over time we all can make huge differences in our lives simply by choosing to be more positive.

Positive thinking is an important part of 'the law of attraction' which is the emphasis of books like 'the secret'.  So if you want to bring the law of attraction into your life then why not start on the small things in your life....and eventually work towards bigger things. 

Meditation really helps with the law of attraction and positive thinking as you are then working from a deeper level inside and not from a superficial material level....  Working from a spiritual way of thinking is stronger as eventually, you'll be looking to create a positive life all round and not relying on material things to try and make you happy.  Money makes the world go round .... but it does not necessarily make you happy.  Happiness can only come from deep inside you.

Once you are happy inside, whatever material items you get, will simply just make you more happy.

Warm wishes
Energy Healer and Teacher
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