Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Mantra and Energy

The word mantra today is used loosely by all types of people.  Not everyone understand where they come from or how they used be used in energy work, spiritual development or self healing.  There are a number of ways people are shown to use mantra but they always seem to come with warning.  So, just how safe are mantras to use? 

In my experience I have mantras to be very powerful when activated in yourself through the heart.  The idea is not to create a expectation of what it will achieve for you.  It's always good to know the meaning and then do the chanting.  If you are familiar with sanskrit pronunciations then why not try it on your own. 

I have done much work with various mantras and have found them beneficial in many ways.  It has improved my meditation experiences, I've gone through the various stages of mantra chanting received spiritual communication and now have been led to develop my own workshops to help others develop their own experiences. 

Mantras have to be experienced like all other energy disciplines.  It bring positives changes into your life and has a positive effect on your environment and others around you.  It is most beneficial for personal spiritual development.  This in turn will have an accumulative effect on all other disciplines.  For example, if you do reiki it will add a new healing dimension for treatments, in exercise such as qi gong and tai chi it pushes you through the various levels at an accelerated pace.

Mantras have changed my life completely so now I find myself in a position where I now offer others the chance to develop themselves through mantra connections and workshops

I like to hear about people experiences on Mantras so please let me know how it has changed your life.

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