Sunday, 13 September 2009

Energy Healing


Have you wondered what people mean by energy healing.  It's a common term used in various natural therapies.  There seem to be lots of rules to dos and don'ts - yet do people really understand what it is all about.  Of course we can only go by our own experiences to date so our understanding will come from the level of our own experiences.

For me this has been a combination of methods.  I have felt my energy change over the years by using various techniques; meditation, crytals, yoga, qi gong, tai chi, reiki, mantra and now shamanic work.  As I've worked with different traditions I've experiences new things.  The most amazing has been the correlations between the different practices and how one has helped me develop further in another.  My experiences are convincing me that all these different cultural philosophies and beliefs are created from the same very basic foundations.  Thought they may have different approaches and processes - they all seem to aim for similar ideals.  Yet, for many the teachings from various groups try to reinforce a degree of 'this is the right way' or some people try to create fear factors,

So what should we believe?  Who should we belief?  What are your personal beliefs?

I'm very much interested in what others have experienced.


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