Monday, 31 August 2009

Meaning of Life

Does anyone ever stop wondering about the meaning of life? It doesn't matter what you may believe or not believe it but the 'meaning of life always crops up' in the unusual places. Over the years I've pondered about this friends, family, strangers, etc but no-one has ever given a real complete answer. Not that I'm actually looking for answer anymore. I've to a stage in my spiritual life where I recognize myself as a soul, spiritual being on a quest in my current physical body. So to me the meaning of life is all about experiencing everything so that I the soul can evolve to the highest level known collectively at 'enlightenment'. Once you get there - you can then decide what you need to do next.

Have you got to the stage of enlightenment that you feel you can make a difference in your own circle - whatever the size? How do we know when we have reached this stage? Or are there a number of levels of small enlightement experiences. I wonder if there is anyone around who can actually answer this. In my own experience I have had lots of amazing meditation experiences and energy developments - just when I think - surely there can't be another level of energy or meditation to experience I'm taken to another place. This is actually very exciting and fun. I've past the stage of worrying if I can ground myself as I've always found I can.

So now I would like know if anyone out there has experinced enlightenment or got close to it so that we can all learn more. I have been meditating over 15 years and now I do reiki and mantra work to develop my own experiences further all the time. So what can you recommend from your experience or leave a comment on my blog.

Life Healing Values welcomes your thoughts and experiences on this subject. It's always good to learn of others experiences.

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