Sunday, 25 February 2018

I Am Here for You

The words 'I am Here for You'.  

Have you ever used these words?  Who have you said them to?  Your parents, your children, family members, friends, colleagues?  That's the norm ... but have you ever said those words to you?  Yes, I mean have you said to your self the words, 'I Am Here for You'?  These words are not mere words.  This is a very powerful statement.  Your soul is speaking to your body and saying this.  Try it? 

I have used these words for myself, and taken myself off into a retreat.  When I am being there for me I truly spend time with me and be there for me.  That is a empowering practice.  If you haven't done this then, have you been on a retreat?  What was it like?  Did you have go vegetarian as that was the only option?  Or do you think a retreat and being vegetarian goes hand in hand?  Or is the retreat about the experience?  Is it about the experience there or actually is it about your inner journey whilst on the retreat.  What is the retreat about for you?  Where you actually there for you?

In my eyes the retreat is about you.  It's all about you.  Yes, there is a person or two leading the event but ultimately the purpose of the retreat is for you to connect more deeply to you and your life.  Having been to retreats and followed a spiritual path I began to realise that everything is simply judgement.  When you retreat into your core self you begin to let these projected burdens fall aside, as their influence on your begins to diminish.

I like going to a retreat where you can:

  • simply have time away from your mobile, laptop, family etc and be there just for you
  • time to reflect and deepen your inner connection
  • experience a deeper intuitive guidance
  • reflect in a peaceful, safe and loving environment
  • have your food cooked for you 
  • be in nature, become nature
  • let someone guide you so you can simply let go and just relax

To me a retreat is just that.  The most amazing gift I've given myself is the gift of a retreat.  There is nothing quite like it.  I love the sense of being away from my daily life and just feeling.  Yes, just feeling life as it is. 

Living in the city and being in the city there is little time to reflect on yourself.  Too many people around, the parks are crowded, peoples energies are disrupting each others, it's full of noise and not enough nature.  I really enjoy being able to get away from crowds and spending time in nature, hug a tree, meditate with the tree, meditate with the river, or stream, communicate with all of life in any form.  This includes water, sun, moon, trees, grass, birds, insects, fish.  It's all about learning to connect more deeply to life.  Feeling deeper connection with the whole consciousness that is life.  To me that is really retreating and connecting.  And by doing this I feel I am able to connect more deeply to myself.

If you are interested in this type of retreat have look at the Summer 2018 Weekend Retreat .  It's a great place to go and simply be you.

Peace Truth Love Light
Bhavna Mistry
The Heart Centred Mentor

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