Thursday, 7 July 2016

Reiki & Change

We all decided to learn Reiki for different reasons.  None of us really quite understood what we were undertaking at the time.  Many of us found ourselves experiencing Reiki in unexpected ways with lots of similarities and differences.  Through Reiki we embraced change in our lives.  We have all had different experiences according to our own beliefs, conditionings and past programmings.
So I have decided to reflect upon how Reiki has changed my life or should I actually say how my perception of life has changed as a result of embarking on this journey.  Without going into specific details as the details are only there to bring about the change for my specific journey, I am going to write about how my perception has evolved through this process.
Initially, Reiki had this amazing 'Wow' factor in that - sitting in hatsurei ho meditation and practicing the self-treatments felt powerfully positive and good.  It was like going through life experiences in bubble of light where no matter what was going on I felt good inside and safe and strong.  In fact, the more I embraced the light the stronger and more positive I became on many different levels of existence.  The more light I embraced the more I wanted to keep the light flowing in my life.  
My meditations deepened, my tai chi & qi gong developed in amazing new ways, I experienced new energies and rapid changes.  I became so engrossed with working with Reiki that I found myself training to Reiki Master Teacher as soon as I could to embrace these all these changes faster and deeper.  In fact I was on a rollercoaster of going up and down through my changes and at the same time feeling light and good no matter what else was happening in my life.  On reflection, I was staying in the light and not being honest with myself about what I now call the lower vibrations of energies.  The energy patters stuck in our energy body that stopped me from making all the changes I really wanted to.
In fact I had become addicted to this energy and staying with it.  Through the protection of Reiki I allowed myself to go on a spiritual journey and explore deeper and deeper realms of inner truth.  Thus, I entered the heart space, eager to get to the core of my inner truth.  Learning new techniques, gathering more tools such as reiki: drum, cord cutting, blockage removal, deeper shamanism practices, nlp, hypnosis, timeline therapy etc.  The more I picked up new skills the more work I did on myself and created a deeper sense of connection and peace.  It was when I was truly safe inside therefore hand become much stronger and resilient that I suddenly crashed and entered what is commonly termed as 'the dark night of the soul'.  Had I known I was going in this direction I probably would have ran the other way.  Having been through this I now call it learning the truth about the light and dark or the path of duality experienced on the earthly plane.  I was now ready to finally face the truth of who I am, though at the time I didn't think I was.  
The real test allows you to embrace your true nature known as the ability to have unconditional: love, kindness, forgiveness, compassion, joy, happiness, peace etc.  This experience comes to you when you are ready to take it on especially if you have consciously embraced this path.  However, it does not necessarily feel that way at the time you are going through seriously deep changes.  At times I felt my emotions would overwhelm me or like I was downing in all this energy work.  Yet at the same time my inner peacefulness deepened to the point that began to feel more and more peace within myself and through my experiences until eventually you come to a place of true deep peace, with true happiness, feeling the joy of my own light, and realizing that I was now ready to face the world once again to allow me to transform more into being my own light.
At this point my connection to Reiki became so deep that all I could feel inside is peacefulness, calmness and inner balance.  My new insights and clarity revealed just how connected I always was to Reiki.  Now, I know  Reiki is a journey of self healing to be true to yourself and experience your wholeness by returning to your true nature as a truly peaceful and loving soul.  The happiness I was seeking had always been a part of me but through social conditioning that encourages being stuck in lower vibrations of energy such as fear, anger, worry, resentment, disappointment etc I was not able to be true to me.  So finally, I am now embracing my inner truth and my perception of life has changed.  Now I approach life through my deeper clarity and trust in my intuitive guidance from being in the present moment.  Even though our earthly living conditioning is not conducive to being mindful, each day I practice staying fully present in all activities as much as possible, remembering to bring my mind back whenever it wonders.  The mind is prone to wonder especially as we live in a linear time zone.
For each of us the journey is different, the outcomes are different but the truth inside is what connects us all to each other and it is this truth that Reiki begins to reveal to you as you go through all your changes in life. Without Reiki you still go through the changes but with Reiki you actually embrace them more consciously and accept them more easily as your unfolding journey/path.  
I find that by having a 'normal' job, I bring my light to the people around me.  In the last year I have been working in drug and alcohol addictions, in a performance and data and information management role.  I am not part of a team, yet I am within the administration team, I am not part of the service yet I am in core of the service.  My role connects me to every role in the service yet I am separate from all roles.  That is living in duality.  It is through the light that I embraced the dark to return to the light, so it is through experience at material level that I feel my truth shine out.  I know this because I often been told that, when people look at me they feel everything is going to be ok, or the feel the peace filling the space.  I don't have to do anything I only need to be fully present in the moment.  I have seen colleagues running around stressing themselves out and then they look at me - all I do is smile and through them smiling back they feel less stressed. 
Today in the UK we are embarking on new changes affecting everyone around not only in the UK but the whole of earth.  Brexit is the beginning of huge changes, therefore this is the time to be firmly balanced in your truth of peacefulness.  As you follow your own path to embrace life experiences from knowing your connection to your light, there many people around us who will be reacting more strongly to the outcome of the voting it bring a time of confusion and breaking down of old structures.  By being present in your light you are supporting the healing process for those around you by simply being true to you and maintaining your internal balance.  Through this you allow others to start embracing their light unconsciously.  If there was a light to shine your light ... this is it.  The beauty of this is that it is this simple.
Peace Truth Love Light
Bhavna xxxx

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